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Mark LaPointe - Electromagnetic Effects Test Engineer, Harris GCSD

"Jim has an excellent understanding and knowledge of EMI testing and test methods to military (MIL-STD-461), aerospace (DO-160) and commercial standards (FCC, IEC, etc). Jim can setup and perform all EMI testing, he can operate unsupervised and diagnose setup problems in a timely manner to come up with reliable EMI data. Jim's experience makes him an excellent preparer of EMI test procedures and reports. He always works in a highly professional manner. A real team player. Very customer focused. Excellent training in Quality matters." Mark La Pointe, E3 Test Engineer, July 29, 2009

Randy Estes - Mechanical Design Engineer, Breed Technologies

"Jim is an experienced EMI Test expert who planned and performed all the EMI/EMC testing for Key Saftey Systems and Breed Technologies Automotive Electronics group. He also did some EMI consulting work for me when I was at Honeywell Sensing and Controls in Sarasota, Florida. I was happy to recommend Jim for the consulting job because I knew he was easy to work with and he would get the job done in the shortest time for the least amount of money. Jim took the initiative to provide suggestions on how to improve designs and questioned the requirements of the tests to ensure the customer would be satisfied at the end of the testing period. He helped Honeywell save money on their testing for the electronics for train braking systems. Jim worked on the tests for all the automotive electronic sensors for Key Saftey/ Breed Technologies and he ran the EMI test lab." Randy Estes, Mechanical Design Engineer, July 25, 2009

Tim Ilyes - Sr. Electrical Engineer, Key Safety Systems

"Jim has tested automotive products that I've had in development as well as products where I was responsible for the EMI compliance testing. I've found him to be knowledgable and helpful in all aspects of the compliance process from standards requirements and test to report generation." Tim Ilyese, Sr. Electrical Engineer, July 26, 2009