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About Me

Do you have a client that needs an EMI / EMC Test Engineer?  Someone who can provide the expertise to get their product(s) tested and certified to FCC Part 15, CE Mark, CISPR 22, VCCI or maybe MIL-STD 461/462 and RTCA DO-160?  Someone who has over 25-years experience in the EMI / EMC testing field alone?  Someone who will work diligently and in the best interest of the client or company?  Someone who can help resolve EMI related issues during testing in a timely and efficient manner?  If so, then you need to look no farther....


I have 33+ years experience in the electronics industry, with the last 29-years in the EMI / EMC Testing field and I am iNARTE' Certified.  I have been performing EMI / EMC testing to MIL-STD 461/462 and RTCA DO-160 requirements for the past 9-years.  My previous 20-years testing experience has been with, but not limited to, FCC Part 15, CISPR 22, VCCI and EU/CE Mark requirements for the ITE and computer industry as well as 2-years testing to various automotive test standards.


I have experience in Radiated and Conducted Emissions, Immunity, Susceptibility, ESD, Power Quality and In-direct Lightning testing utilizing a variety of test equipment such as Spectrum Analyzers, EMI Receivers, GTEM Cell, Semi-Anechoic Chamber, LISNs, Signal Generators, RF Amplifiers, ESD Simulators, Lightning Generator, etc., from a variety of manufacturers such as Rohde & Schwarz, HP, IFI, Electrometrics, Sunol, Panashield, IFR, Haefely, KeyTek, NoiseKen, EMC Partner, Thermo-Fisher Scientific and the list goes on.  I also have experience using a variety of EMI Test Software such as R&S EMC32, R&S ESK-1, TILE, HP VEE, IFI, TDK, etc.


Please look over my website and if you feel that I can be an asset in helping your firm in its goals, I would very much appreciate the opportunity of meeting with you to discuss our future prospects.


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