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Terms & Conditions


ARTICLE 1 - Services, EL-Tech EMC will:

1.1 Act for Client in a professional manner, using the degree of care and skill ordinarily exercised by and consistent with the standards of the profession.

1.2 Provide only those services that lie within the technical and professional area of expertise and capability of the Lab.

1.3 Perform all technical services in accordance with accepted laboratory test principles and practices.

1.4 Use test equipment which has been calibrated within a period not exceeding the manufacturer's recommendation and which is traceable to the NIST.

1.5 Consider all reports to be the confidential property of the client, and distribute reports only to those persons designated by the client.

ARTICLE 2 - Client's Responsibilities, The Client will:

2.1 Provide all information necessary for proper performance of technical services.

2.2 Designate a person who is authorized to transmit instructions, receive information and test data reports, interpret and define Client's policies , and make decisions regarding technical services, as may be required at Clients expense.

2.3 Deliver without cost, representative samples of product for technical evaluation, together with any relevant data.

2.4 Furnish such labor and equipment necessary to handle sample product and to facilitate the technical evaluation.

2.5 The Client shall provide at the end of evaluation testing a Company Check for the amount agreed to by both parties.

ARTICLE 3 - General Requirements.

3.1 The only warranty made by EL-Tech EMC , in connection with services performed thereunder is that it will use that degree of care and skill as stated in Article 1.1 and 1.3 above. No other warranty, expressed or implied, is made or intended for services provided thereunder.

3.2 EL-Tech EMC shall supply technical services and prepare reports based solely on product samples submitted. The Client understands that application of the data to other devices is highly speculative and should be applied with extreme caution.

3.3 EL-Tech EMC agrees to exercise ordinary care in receiving, preserving, and shipping any test sample to be tested, but assumes no responsibility for damages, either direct or consequential, which arise or are alleged to arise from loss, damage or destruction of the sample due to the act of examination, modification or testing, or technical analysis, or circumstances beyond our control.

3.4 The Client recognizes that generally accepted error variances apply and agrees to consider such error variances in it's use of test data.

3.5 It is agreed between EL-Tech EMC and Client that no distribution of any test reports, etc. shall be made to any third party without the prior written consent of both parties.

ARTICLE 4 - Payment.

4.1 The Client agrees to pay for services and expenses as covered by Article 2. EL-Tech EMC will present an invoice at the completion of work and payment is due at time of receipt by Client.